The CASSETTE is finally here!

The project that started out in early 2011 and got finalized and recorded during autumn of 2011 in Denton, TX is finally done!

It started out with me and Felix Tellez going through the world of ‘free improvisation’, or Free Bag as we used to call it back in High School. This time around we worked hard and consistently of trying different ideas, entries and mindsets. We added Andrew Miller and started out testing. We recorded the sessions and occasionally we’d bring in some musicians with totally different ideas, like Jake Dester and Alex Fraile. While experimenting in every stage of the production, from writing music, recording, session times, inspiration and flow, post-production and so on this made a really exciting product. We decided duplicate it in a cassette form since we all always had wanted to release a cassette.

However the project was halfway forgot when I moved out of Texas and back to Sweden, but now I decided to go ahead anyway because I really enjoy this tape and find it amazing!

If you want to get your copy it is priced 60sek (plus postage) at the moment and just send me an email at ativism (@) and you’ll get it!

Buy it via bandcamp!

Ativism Draft 4