New album

Superexcited to have spent a weekend in Studio Knutby with wounderful friends and awesome musicians recordning some new and some old songs, dating back to my time in Prague late -00s…

It’s going to be my second Self-titled album and this one is going to be both fast and slow songs.

Musicians was:
Oskar Johansson Werre – Drums
Eric Tengholm – Trumpet and organ
Johan Tengholm – Double Bass
Jonathan Guzman – Piano and organ
Eric Lindh – Production, recording, producer, guitar, clarinet and soprano saxophone

The three guys in Caius Cat back together

We where finally re-united the whole group of three guys of Caius Cat in Alicante and Elche in south of Spain last week!

The same day we arrived we did some rehearsing and a gig at the Jazz Bar in Alicante Villavieja 6. That was huge fun and felt great to be back together! Next day we spent the whole day in the studio, what a great place to be and really pleasant engineers working with us. Pedro was interviewed for a Spanish Jazz Radio station, keeping updated how and where you could hear it.

On Saturday we played at a big concert hall in Elche with great sound engineer and light engineer and aweseome staff! Super acoustics, it is really fun to play in concert halls from time to time although I prefer the intimacy of clubs. After that had a great night out with some really cool guys and girls!

Sunday morning then was the last gig at a music school where they have concerts from time to time. I was really honored when a couple came to that show, they told me afterwards that they had been to the concert the night before but wanted to come and see us again while they had the chance.


Harem Nights

I have had the great pleasure to play saxophone together with cool DJ’s and awesome percussionist Elia Jarjis on two occasions during September. It’s been huge parties and awesome visitors, as a house-sax guy I sometimes feel a bit out of place and people have a tendency to treat you like any piece of shit laying around, but these guys and gals hanging around at these parties have been amazing. I have not been treated this good and honest that often.

And as a bonus, pretty much all of the staff at Victoria and from the event management team and club management team have been treating me very nicely too!

Just wanna give a big hand to everyone and say thank you!

Oh yeah, check them out at Harem Nights and on facebook!

All photos are from their facebook page:


Caius Cat Quartet

Two weeks ago I had amazing bassist Pedro Martinez Maestre visiting me and we worked hard with our Caius Cat project. This time with two (for us) new musicians, Jakob Hjalmarsson playing drums and AWESOME Gunnar Åkerhielm playing piano.

Did a couple of gigs on quartet and three on duo as Caius Cat duo, that we’ve been doing a lot before. Aswell as some street jams with dreadlock-girl, Markus Sundbom on sax and some other loose peoples…

We did some low budget recordings that I am gonna post here and facebook soon, but for now enjoy these photos 🙂

Caius @ Elche Jazz Festival

Caius Cat just finished a week long stay in Alcant region of Spain with a big gig at Elche Jazz Festival!

It was almost fully booked and Caius Cat Trio was the only band playing this evening, around 300 guests in this magnificent old castle.

Enjoy the photos!

Wedding gig

Had a great time last Friday playing a wedding gig with awesome guys, Gerry Lopez – sax, Evaristo Perez – piano, Pedro Martinez – bass and Bruno on drums! Location was an beautiful place just next to the UN headquarters in Geneva

Workshop with Uppsala Jazz Collective

The first (of many?) workshop I did ever and the first that Uppsala Jazz Collective hosted was last Friday at Upplands Nation in Uppsala. It was a really great evening with a two hour workshop, hamburgers, a concert with JazzConfusion (a big hand to Daniel Angebrandt), and then a long fun jam session. Lots of great players and peoples around made for a great evening and atmosphere.

Thank you all!

Photos from


Caius Cat – Studio time

Final recordings finished. Here together with Gunnar Åkerhielm that got in on two of our tunes!



Intensive Caius week

With the longest rehearsals we ever had, gig every evening and lots of preparations for the first long studio day we’re pretty tired at the moment in Caius Cat. However I am at the moment at Stockholm Youth Jazz festival playing with my students in Uppsala Musikskolas Storband.

Tomorrow is gonna be competition playing with the big band and then back to the studio the rest of the day and night. So for now, I am finishing with a picture borrowed from my friends at One Touch Edit!

Caius Cat in Sweden and the studio!

Just got back from a little vacation with some rehearsing with Caius Cat Trio for the upcoming gigs at St Clara (26/3) and Hijazz (27/3) plus studio recording next weekend in One Touch Edit‘s studio. I am really excited about that, especially the recording sessions that’s gonna be awesome!

Scheduling will be busy though, Pedro and Raphael are gonna be here for five days and then there’s the ongoing Stockholm Youth Jazz Festival where one big band I’m co-teaching will participate and try to win this year as well! See Uppsala Musikskolas Storband.

Then the first weekend of April I am teaching a Jazz Improvisation Workshop together with Uppsala Jazz Collective, see here:

SZ Conspiracy at Kayak Republic, Republic Winter Festival

As a part of the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival, my favorite Danish bar/nightclub had their Republic Winter Festival and we where able to go there with SZ Conspiracy and make a wonderful gig. I really want to give a big hand to the wonderful staff arranging this festival and running this place. Thank you for a great evening and we hope to get back soon, as soon as the weather is warmer and nicer!

Exciting plans for 2014!


I am currently working really hard to get all projects ”a float” and running. It’s a busy job setting up a Record label, Turbo Sax, as well as record, mix and produce your own recordings. We have got a tight deadline with Caius Cat trios first official record coming out in March, with a small release tour in Sweden. But already before that, before anything, I am going back to Switzerland to play a couple of gigs next week with the band. See the gig list below. I am very very excited about this week, I can’t wait!

Then we got our first international gig with SZ Conspiracy, playing at Kayak Republic in Copenhagen 21st of February!

Caius is also having a residency in Barcelona first week in May, I can imagine that will be a blast! In the meantime I am also teaching another semester, at the moment five days a week. We are in the planning of a workshop here in Uppsala for all interested music lovers, but more info will come when it’s official.

Thanks to my dear friend Johan that showed me Photoshop and made a graphical profile for me my work comes out a bit nicer, don’t ya’ll think?



Gigs in Switzerland with Caius Cat (January):

14th Jam Session, Geneva

15th Buzz Club, Lausanne

16th Diese Pub (again!), Bex

18th Cave Marignac, Geneva