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Download Oskar Forsberg’s Bachelor paper from Royal College of Music (in Swedish) from DiVA

Sax Encounters

Caius Cat trio

Preview of the new record at DO Music.

Caius Cat Trio

My song ”Hardly” also this one based on another famous jazz standard. As played for the first time at L’Escorxador in Elche, Spain 20160220.

My song ”Fry Street” which is based on ”On green dolphin street” but with re-arranged Coltrane changes. Played live with Caius Cat Trio. Recorded straight on two track cassette.


Live with SZ Conspiracy!

Six Black Cordelias

Rock band where I am playing saxophone.


Solo Saxophone

A live recording from my exam concert at Hijazz december 5th, 2012. Solo saxophone.

Yes and No (Big band arrangement)

This is an arrangement I did on ”Yes or no” by Wayne Shorter. Played by the two o’clock lab band at University of North Texas.


Loop Saxophone

During the autumn of 2012 I started experimenting more with loop pedals, guitar pedals and such electronically devices on my horn. Partly as a thing for SZ Conspiracy.


Sax drum duo

This song was the result of a long period of jamming with my friend Sam Freidland at the drums. When I was about to move back to Sweden we did a last jamsession which we recorded. Happy listening!