New album

Superexcited to have spent a weekend in Studio Knutby with wounderful friends and awesome musicians recordning some new and some old songs, dating back to my time in Prague late -00s…

It’s going to be my second Self-titled album and this one is going to be both fast and slow songs.

Musicians was:
Oskar Johansson Werre – Drums
Eric Tengholm – Trumpet and organ
Johan Tengholm – Double Bass
Jonathan Guzman – Piano and organ
Eric Lindh – Production, recording, producer, guitar, clarinet and soprano saxophone

Cricis Circle feat. Oskar Forsberg

I met my friends Sebastian Bober and Kacper Skoneczny when I visited their shop outside of Katowice, Poland. Great musicians, great instrument repairmen and great people!

They have been recording and releasing material since a couple of years back and since Covid hit under the Cricis Circle name. I had the great pleasure to be asked to play some saxophone on one of their songs.


Finally I have gotten a real Rotator software plug again, this time directly from the creator himself, Robby Kilgore.

The rotator is a software in this case that for every note I play on my MIDI sax or whatever ads additional notes, from a pattern of intervals. Basically making my EWI into a mean chord monster!

I have long listened to the few demos of this that was previously available online and last spring me and my friend the software developer Bernhard Wagner managed to build a software that did this. However the program was specific to some particular software and hardware and when my old computer burned up I had no way of recreating it on my own. So I was really excited now when I got an email from Robby Kilgore and he had himself built a program that works in Logic. As a hardcore Cubase user since 15years I got straight away and bought Main Stage and started fiddling around.

What you see below is some examples from my first live try of the rotator, or first musical try at least. Some interesting ideas, sounds and places I think.

Youtube tutorials

I’ve been looking through my youtube account and cleaned up a bit as well as started working on adding some new videos. I’ll be making a series of woodwind (especially sax) tutorials which will come up later. I have so far experimented with tecniques and ideas to make them and have a few recorder demos up so far. Have a look if you’re interested. These are mainly thought to be a compliment to my regular teaching, where the students can sit at home and watch my fingers if they need to.