All saints day concert (allahelgonaafton)

Me and my dad have been booked a long time for the concert we did tonight in Danmarks kyrka outside of Uppsala.

We’ve been working a lot past week with the material. We picked and choosed some of our favorite songs, both of our own and from idols such as Zawinul, Pastorious, Shorter and Lars Gullin. We’ve been going through every song meticulously thinking and testing out all the little details as well as the big sound. It’s been a very fun and rewarding process, and one that unfortunately is not possible to do in most projects because of lack of time and budget, we did how ever put the time into it this time.

Today I started getting nervous though, by the idea of playing overly complex fusion songs, mixed up with some blues and gospel songs in a Church on a big church day with synthesizers and an audience compound of the regular church visitors, and maybe one or two of our friends.

I really loved playing this concert, the full sound and acoustics of a medieval church (it is 700years old!) was amazing to feel and I think we both did a good job and went in there well prepared. I had no idea what the audience was feeling about it though, even afterwards I was skeptical. However, I have never in my life received so many messages and emails from peoples thanking me for a show as tonight. I feel really happy that we managed to get our music and emotions across and that it touched so many peoples, this have been amazing!

Thank you!