Caius Cat Videos

Here comes two awesome videos from Caius Cat in Sweden!

”Three years ago I had a discussion with Sam about Coltrane changes and some kind of practicing technique, I ended up spending 10-12 hours straight in the practice room rewriting ”On Green dolphin street” with some Coltrane Changes. I tried to play and record it with Se-jeong and maybe Felix too. Let it rest for a while and then we picked it up again withCaius Cat Trio (Me, Raphael and Pedro) some months ago.

While this awesome gang was here almost two weeks ago we were practicing and playing around the clock to prepare for our big recording session. This video is from our last day before hitting the studio.

If you care about me or see me as a friend I’d say you should watch it. I’m proud of what I’ve learned so far and I love playing with this guys and how it all sounds, and I hope you’ll like to take part of it!

It’s recorded with a stereo mic setup straight to old analogue tape, for those of you into filming/editing try to imagine that work to make it all sync together 

Lastly I just want to wish you all a great evening!”


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