Official graduation and ending day for teaching

Last two weeks I’ve been busy with my official graduation from ‘Kungl. Musikhögskolan’ (Royal College of Music in Stockholm). It was a nice and kind of touching day where I met so many of those I started with four years ago. I also got a nice golden suit broch to wear on official occasions.

I also had end day at ‘Kommunala Musikskolan’ in Uppsala, where I’ve been teaching saxophone this semester. That was touching. My students have been so great and inspiring and I wish them all the best, next semester my substitution for this teacher is over and I’m gonna meet some new students.

We’ve been playing with Marie Lala on a Moxie party, and I’ve been meeting with ‘Tonight it’s at your place’ for  planning the autumn. I feel it’s gonna be a great one.

My friend and colleague Pedro Martinez Maester have started working on a Swiz tour for november, I’m really excited about that! I hope I get the chance to visit my friend Bernhard as well, that would be sweet!

Tomorrow I’ve got the earliest gig in my life. Gig time, 08:00.

See ya!