The three guys in Caius Cat back together

We where finally re-united the whole group of three guys of Caius Cat in Alicante and Elche in south of Spain last week!

The same day we arrived we did some rehearsing and a gig at the Jazz Bar in Alicante Villavieja 6. That was huge fun and felt great to be back together! Next day we spent the whole day in the studio, what a great place to be and really pleasant engineers working with us. Pedro was interviewed for a Spanish Jazz Radio station, keeping updated how and where you could hear it.

On Saturday we played at a big concert hall in Elche with great sound engineer and light engineer and aweseome staff! Super acoustics, it is really fun to play in concert halls from time to time although I prefer the intimacy of clubs. After that had a great night out with some really cool guys and girls!

Sunday morning then was the last gig at a music school where they have concerts from time to time. I was really honored when a couple came to that show, they told me afterwards that they had been to the concert the night before but wanted to come and see us again while they had the chance.


Sax Encounters

The ”newly” started project Sax Encounters is bringing me a lot of joy and happiness lately!

We have started to find a shape and form of the music and getting the sound together. At first when starting with the sax quartet I thought the gig opportunities would be few and that the audience would be pretty scarce. But when you start getting into improvisation, listening to Brass bands, Balkan bands, other great sax quartets such as SaxShop we’ve been getting new ideas. And after making a few concerts where the crowds have been plentiful and super excited I am not having any doubts about this anymore!

We now have a pretty big repertoire of classical music, jazz, traditional jazz (ragtime and new orleans) and party songs. This band is awesome for parties, background music, concerts and big venues all the same thanks to a very varied program and highly skilled musicians!

In the band we’ve got:

Bo Frick – Soprano Sax

Nicklas Dahlin – Alto Sax

Roger Nordling – Tenor Sax

Oskar Forsberg – Baryton Sax


And further down the line we will see some doubles and maybe even some guests!

Feel free to like our facebook page and share and you know the drill!


Best regards

Music Power Maffia

One of my young students have a project called Music Power Maffia, which is young musicians playing and working for charity causes. I am very impressed with the way Wilhelm is running this and it is going to be exciting seeing the future of this project which I am somehow a part of.

Check it out here:

The music syndicate MPM was founded in 2014 by the Swedish saxophonist Wilhelm Fredlund, on his 13th birthday. All young artists in the project work individually or in groups to bring joy and support with the power of music to young and old who live an exposed life in the borderland.
MPM provides help organizations with contributions collected through the artists gigs, concerts and similar events. We cooperate among others with Barncancerfonden who fight childhood cancer and ensures that affected children, youths and their families get the care and support they need. The vision is to exterminate childhood cancer. Learn more about the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation through the link below.…

MPM works from basic values to provide entertainment, beneficence, equality and gender equality. For us it means that we oppose any form of racism, sexism, homophobia and bullying. Our mission is to achieve a powerful musical imprint in the name of solidarity.All participating artists are contributing with valuable efforts to comply with the MPM’s mission and vision.

Caius Cat record Reviews

I’ll collect the links to reviews that we get for our NEW Caius Cat trio record here:

”Oskar Forsberg briljerar med sina saxofoner”


Makma (In Spanish)

Newspaper review:

Uppsala Nya Tidning (In Swedish)

Newspaper review:

Radui Alcoy (In Italian)

Radio review:

Zibaldone (In Spanish)

Spanish podcast: at 1.45.00 aprox.

Tomajazz (in Spanish)


Thank you for an awesome review! Tomajazz!!

our music starts at 00:58:00 aprox and the review is in the beginning!

Caius Cat trio – Caius Cat trio

Caius Cat trio


Our second cd with Caius Cat Trio is now for sale in physical record stores as well as online, I’ve seen it in iTunes and Spotify so far!
Thanks to Pedro Martinez Maestre, Raphael Nick and Gunnar Åkerhielm for the playing, Otto Niklasson Elmerås and Daniel Aldenmark at One Touch Edit music production for recording, Pawel Lucki for final master, Jorge Ochagavia and David Delgado for Cover Design, Daniel Lantz and Do Music Records for Record Labelling and all friends and family supporting us!

All saints day concert (allahelgonaafton)

Me and my dad have been booked a long time for the concert we did tonight in Danmarks kyrka outside of Uppsala.

We’ve been working a lot past week with the material. We picked and choosed some of our favorite songs, both of our own and from idols such as Zawinul, Pastorious, Shorter and Lars Gullin. We’ve been going through every song meticulously thinking and testing out all the little details as well as the big sound. It’s been a very fun and rewarding process, and one that unfortunately is not possible to do in most projects because of lack of time and budget, we did how ever put the time into it this time.

Today I started getting nervous though, by the idea of playing overly complex fusion songs, mixed up with some blues and gospel songs in a Church on a big church day with synthesizers and an audience compound of the regular church visitors, and maybe one or two of our friends.

I really loved playing this concert, the full sound and acoustics of a medieval church (it is 700years old!) was amazing to feel and I think we both did a good job and went in there well prepared. I had no idea what the audience was feeling about it though, even afterwards I was skeptical. However, I have never in my life received so many messages and emails from peoples thanking me for a show as tonight. I feel really happy that we managed to get our music and emotions across and that it touched so many peoples, this have been amazing!

Thank you!

Upcoming Release

The CD’s have arived and we’ve been starting to ship it around the world, to prepare for the official release the 13th of November.

Check out our labels website for more information!dmrcd-027/cp4x

I will also update this space when it is available in online shops.



Caius Cat Trio

Young Swedish-Spanish-Swiss jazz trio Caius Cat Trio launch their self-titled debut album, packed with their unique, imaginative music, which tends to let traditions of jazz break new ground. Oskar Forsberg is the inspired tenor saxophonist from Sweden, schooled in the playing of Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane, who challenges his roots in experiments with novel harmonic and improvisational soundscapes. Spanish bass player Pedro Martinez Maestre, located in Switzerland, secures the groove and provides this airy trio with the requisite harmonic energy usually called for by the piano or guitar. Finally, Swiss drummer Raphael Nick showcases his versatility as an expressive and intuitive musician, setting the framework for the exciting sound of the trio. As a special treat, Caius Cat Trio introduces the skillful Swedish jazz pianist Gunnar Åkerhielm on a couple of tracks. This group presents some exhilirating music, constantly with one foot in the past, and the other in the future.

Oskar Forsberg, tenor sax
Pedro Martinez Maestre, double bass
Raphael Nick, drums

Guest: Gunnar Åkerhielm, piano on #3 & #5

Recorded by Otto Niklasson Elmerås and Daniel Aldenmark at One Touch Edit Studios in Stockholm in March 2014. Mixed by Oskar Forsberg. Mastered by Pawel Lucki. Produced by Caius Cat Trio. Executive production by Daniel Lantz.

Official release date: November 13 2015.

1. Friendship
2. Arabesque Pour Estela
3. On Fry Street
4. Sketches
5. Kusselbe (bonus track)

Total time: 50 mins. approx.

Six Black Cordelias – Release party!

Six Black Cordelias LIVE – Obaren

Vad med o fira Six Black Cordelias debut album på Obaren med live framträdande av bandet.

Six Black Cordelias har beskrivits som en blandningen mellan mörk psykedelisk rock och motown soul med ett smutsigt back beat som grund och den karismatiske Johan Johansson på sång. Debuten släpps den 20 november och första singeln släpps 30 oktober.


Harem Nights

I have had the great pleasure to play saxophone together with cool DJ’s and awesome percussionist Elia Jarjis on two occasions during September. It’s been huge parties and awesome visitors, as a house-sax guy I sometimes feel a bit out of place and people have a tendency to treat you like any piece of shit laying around, but these guys and gals hanging around at these parties have been amazing. I have not been treated this good and honest that often.

And as a bonus, pretty much all of the staff at Victoria and from the event management team and club management team have been treating me very nicely too!

Just wanna give a big hand to everyone and say thank you!

Oh yeah, check them out at Harem Nights and on facebook!

All photos are from their facebook page:


Uppsala Kulturnatt

På lördag är det dags för Uppsala Kulturnatt!

Jag kommer spela med egen trio på Katalin, Vin/jazzbaren ett set vid 19.30, med Daniel Olsson på trummor och Mattias Åström på kontrabas. Mattias har jag aldrig spelat med tidigare, så det blir spännande!

Dessutom har jag hört att det kommer vara något riktigt coolt på Nannaskolan kl 17 och 18, det händer massor med grejer med Uppsala Jazzklubb på Katalin och dessutom spelar såklart Grievous Angels någonstans! Cool natt, önskar bara varje helg vore såhär i Uppsala…

Sedan kommer jag dra till Stockholm för att spela på Harem Nights.

Utöver detta börjar vi spela in nästa skiva med Six Black Cordelias.


Proudly presenting!

I am very happy and excited to present:

Caius Cat’s upcoming record!

will be released on DO Music Records probably already in October this year!

It is the material we recorded in One Touch Edit over one and a half year ago, but with the help of a lot of people and a lot of invested time and money it seems as if we’re actually gonna finish this now.

Caius Cat trio is the modern jazz (i.e sixties jazz with a bit of free/atonal too it) trio that I run together with my long time friend and colleague Pedro Martinez Maestre. This bass player and me met first in Texas in 2011 where we booth studied at University of North Texas at the time. Since Pedro moved back to Barcelona and then to Switzerland we’ve kept the project not only going but also accelerating. About two years ago master drummer Ralph Nick joined us and it was love at first note! We’ve been playing mainly in Sweden and Switzerland but also did a tour in Barcelona and another one 2014 in Alicante and Elche, where we was a main act at the Elx Jazz Festival! I believe over the years we’ve done around 50-60 shows. Which is not bad for a vocal-less jazz band that lives 2400km apart from eachother.

Check out some previews here:

Caius Cat in Sweden again!

So Pedro was visiting me again in Sweden, this time with his cool girlfriend. We went kayaking, had a few drinks and did a really cool gig in Uppsala at Creperie Lemonie and another with great weather outside in Skansen, Stockholm at Gubbhyllan!

We also did the annual Family concert in Linnés Sävja, playing music dating back to my grand-fathers father, grand-pa, dad, sisters and me! Pretty cool, but so far no photos. Though I am happy we all survived this the toughest test any family can go through.

Uppsala Summerchestra

Nu är vi igång!

För andra året kör jag tillsammans med Uppsalas mest intresserade ungdomar Uppsala Summerchestra med hjälp av Uppsala Musikskola, Kultur i Vården och ”Sommarjobb och Feriepraktik”. Det är altså ett drömsommarjobb för de som gillar musik. Förra veckan repeterade vi och med start from idag så gör vi 21 spelningar på äldreboenden, demensboenden och andra vårdboenden. Musiken är ett urval av gamla visor och sånger, vissa arrangerade i mer eller mindre moderna arrangemang.

En av mina favoriter är en västerbottnisk hambo som vi kör som bluegrass, eller en finsk vals ”Emma” där vi kör kanon, fioler mot tuba. Jag gillar också våran version av Lars Gullins ”Danny’s dream” eller gitarristen Eric Lindh’s arrangemang av Taube’s Änglamark. Det är mycket bra musik med andra ord!

Med i orkestern har vi i år fiol, viola, klarinett, trumpet, altsax, tenorsax, barrytonsax, fagott, sousafon, kontrabas, gitarr och trummor!

Ett grymt gäng med mycket ös!

Följande är ur Musikskolans utskick:

Uppsala Summerchestra – Feriearbete som musiker

Nu drar elva musikaliska Uppsalaungdomar igång konserter på äldreboenden och i stadsdelscentra runt om i Uppsala.

Uppsala musikskola har i samarbete med enheten Feriearbete och företag på arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen anställt 11 uppsalaungdomar som tillsammans bildar ensemblen Uppsala Summerchestra under ledning av musikläraren Oskar Forsberg.

Repetitionerna är klara och under perioden 29 juni – 10 juli ges konserter framför allt på äldreboenden och servicehus runt om i kommunen.
8 juli hålls en offentlig konsert på Grand inne i Uppsala

29 juni: Stenhagen 10.30 och 11.30 samt Omtanken 13.00
30 juni: Höganäs 11.00 och Liljeforstorg 4 14.00
1 juli: Årstagården 11.00 och Glimmervägen 14.00
2 juli: Björkgården, Knutby 11.00 och Andreas Ands minne 13.00
3 juli: Balders vårdboende 11.00 och Sandellska huset 14.00
6 juli: Eriksdahlsgården 11.00 och Förenade Care Tunåsen 13.30
7 juli: Dalbyhemmet 11.00 och Västergården 14.00
8 juli: Topelius Nyby 15.00 och Public Show på Grand 19.00
9 juli: Myrbergska gården 11.00 och Linnés Sävja 14.00
10 juli: Victum Sävja 14.00

Uppsala Summerchestra 2015 42