SZ Conspiracy


SZ Conspiracy is my most loved project which I run together with my dad. We started out by playing the music of Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter, hence the name SZ (Shorter Zawinul). Lately we’ve been playing songs from Herbie Hancock’s seventies period (Head Hunters ect.) and a lot of our own music. Such as my dads songs from the band ‘Cabazz’.  Normally the band consist of me on saxophone, my dad on keyboards and Andreas Henningsson on bass and Daniel Olsson on drums. But we did run a club at Bistro Hijazz during the autumn where we welcomed several guest such as Tomas Arnessen, Per Westerlund, Jakob Hedin, Konrad Agnas and more.


Oskar Forsberg, saxophones, flutes, electronics and looping

Anders Forsberg, keyboards and synths

Andreas Henningsson, bass

Daniel Olsson, drums



With samples and vocals made by Bernhard Wagner, used with permission. A recording from my Exam Concert at Bistro Hijazz, Uppsala the 5th of December, 2012.