Two in the shower

New song out now with ”Silver Soul”

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Djamel and Me

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Youtube tutorials

I’ve been working on some tutorials, and placed them all in a list. I will keep updating this list because there’s lots of more subjects I want to cover. But here’s the list, especially the saxophone how to I think can be useful!

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Finally I have gotten a real Rotator software plug again, this time directly from the creator himself, Robby Kilgore. The rotator is a software in this case that for every note I play on my MIDI sax or whatever ads additional notes, from a pattern of intervals. Basically making my EWI into a mean chord … Continue reading “Rotator”

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Youtube tutorials

I’ve been looking through my youtube account and cleaned up a bit as well as started working on adding some new videos. I’ll be making a series of woodwind (especially sax) tutorials which will come up later. I have so far experimented with tecniques and ideas to make them and have a few recorder demos … Continue reading “Youtube tutorials”

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Live looping saxophone

Just rebuilt my pedal-board (the actual board that is, pedals are still the same but I’m looking to upgrade and change a few) and fooled around with my loop pedal this afternoon. Enjoy!  

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Uppsala Nya Tidning 3 aug 2017

Jättekul att få lite uppmärksamhet för det här projektet som jag verkligen brinner för efter flera år!

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Solo Saxophone

I’ve been doing a lot of different solo saxophone projects over the years. This one was trying to implement the verses from Bible texts and since there was an opportunity for this project to actually get a gig I recorded this little video with help from my friends at Crag Explorers.

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Robby Kilgore ‘Rotator’

It has been my dream for a long time to build a Rotator as Robby Kilgore calls it. You can see it in action in some videos below. I first got to know about this through my friend Bernhard Wagner and he also just built it so I could fool around with it! To tell … Continue reading “Robby Kilgore ‘Rotator’”

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Uppsala Summerchestra

Hög tid att söka Sveriges roligaste sommarjobb! Sommarjobbsorkester i Uppsala Kommuns och Uppsala Kulturskolas ledning under mig. Vi gör ca 20 spelningar på 3 veckors jobb på olika boenden och äldrecenter samt publika platser runt om i Uppsala Kommun. Ansök senast 19 mars på För mer info:

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EWI Crash Course

Just starting to get on friendly terms with my EWI (it’s a 4000s for you gearheads) and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on practicing this instrument. When I got it I had too little time to really dig into it, but past weeks I’ve been having and taking the time needed … Continue reading “EWI Crash Course”

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Nuvo jSax

The Nuvo jSax: While I was on vacation in Amsterdam a week ago I didn’t bring any kind of instrument but just some few hours after landing my urge to play got too big so I started walking around stores to find a saxophone. What I came up with eventually after asking for ”any saxophone” … Continue reading “Nuvo jSax”

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Den 25november är det premiär för mitt loopsax projekt. En liten grej då jag får testa olika idéer osv inför en publik! Just nu befinner jag mig på träningsläger i Kalix inför detta. OBS! Det är ett slutet event och ni kommer bara in om ni medelar mig i förväg!

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Köttets lust – Teater C

Just nu spelar vi föreställningen ”Köttets Lust” av Teater C på Köttinspektionen i Uppsala. Det är jag på sax och flöjt, Emil Ingmar på piano och dragspel samt Michael Näslund på gitarr, bas och sång! ”Premiärkvällen innehåller så vitt skilda uttryck som elegant stepp, poetiska prosamonologer, sjuttiotalsschlagers med ironi, högklassig mim, vemodiga visor, vild jitterbugg … Continue reading “Köttets lust – Teater C”

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Efter att ha hållit på med ljudteknik sedan jag var i förskolan så funderade jag ett tag på att pensionera mig, men har nu bestämt mig för att satsa på det, jag har ju ändå grejerna.I alla fall på uthyrning! Så jag håller nu på att gå igenom alla sladdar, mixerbord, högtalare, monitorer, slutsteg mm … Continue reading “Ljudteknik”

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Uppsala Musikklasser

I am happy to announce that this fiscal year I am starting to teach at Uppsala Musikklasser, leading one of their orchestras. Uppsala Musikklasser is a high school with music ”profile” and very good reputation. I am very excited about this opportunity and more so since me myself spent my high school years in this … Continue reading “Uppsala Musikklasser”

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