Workshop med Oskar Forsberg och Uppsala Jazz Collective

Nu på fredag håller jag en Workshop i Jazz improvisation tillsammans med Uppsala Jazz Collective.

Läs mer och anmäl dej nedan!

”En workshop i jazzimprovisation med Oskar Forsberg och JazzConfusion för dig som vill inspireras, utvecklas och ha kul.”

”Uppsala Jazz Collective är en sammanslutning som är öppen för alla som älskar jazz. Vårt mål är att göra jazzen hipp igen genom att arrangera jazzklubbar, spelningar och andra events för att lyfta fram jazzmusiken.”



Caius Cat – Studio time

Final recordings finished. Here together with Gunnar Åkerhielm that got in on two of our tunes!



Intensive Caius week

With the longest rehearsals we ever had, gig every evening and lots of preparations for the first long studio day we’re pretty tired at the moment in Caius Cat. However I am at the moment at Stockholm Youth Jazz festival playing with my students in Uppsala Musikskolas Storband.

Tomorrow is gonna be competition playing with the big band and then back to the studio the rest of the day and night. So for now, I am finishing with a picture borrowed from my friends at One Touch Edit!

Caius Cat in Sweden and the studio!

Just got back from a little vacation with some rehearsing with Caius Cat Trio for the upcoming gigs at St Clara (26/3) and Hijazz (27/3) plus studio recording next weekend in One Touch Edit‘s studio. I am really excited about that, especially the recording sessions that’s gonna be awesome!

Scheduling will be busy though, Pedro and Raphael are gonna be here for five days and then there’s the ongoing Stockholm Youth Jazz Festival where one big band I’m co-teaching will participate and try to win this year as well! See Uppsala Musikskolas Storband.

Then the first weekend of April I am teaching a Jazz Improvisation Workshop together with Uppsala Jazz Collective, see here:

Anders Bengtsson Funk Surprise/Funk Overlord ”The FUNKOTECS”

Going through songs and music for upcoming last minute gig this Friday, and finding again one real big favorite of mine. Queen Latifah doing an amazing version of Mercy, mercy, mercy. Check it out!


Now we got an awesome band together with Estonian bass player Mai Agan, pianist Jonatan Guzman, drummer Stefan Bergman, guitarist Anders Johansson, me and Anders Bengtsson!

Check it out! This friday at Pub Nitton in Uppsala!


SZ Conspiracy at Kayak Republic, Republic Winter Festival

As a part of the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival, my favorite Danish bar/nightclub had their Republic Winter Festival and we where able to go there with SZ Conspiracy and make a wonderful gig. I really want to give a big hand to the wonderful staff arranging this festival and running this place. Thank you for a great evening and we hope to get back soon, as soon as the weather is warmer and nicer!

Exciting plans for 2014!


I am currently working really hard to get all projects ”a float” and running. It’s a busy job setting up a Record label, Turbo Sax, as well as record, mix and produce your own recordings. We have got a tight deadline with Caius Cat trios first official record coming out in March, with a small release tour in Sweden. But already before that, before anything, I am going back to Switzerland to play a couple of gigs next week with the band. See the gig list below. I am very very excited about this week, I can’t wait!

Then we got our first international gig with SZ Conspiracy, playing at Kayak Republic in Copenhagen 21st of February!

Caius is also having a residency in Barcelona first week in May, I can imagine that will be a blast! In the meantime I am also teaching another semester, at the moment five days a week. We are in the planning of a workshop here in Uppsala for all interested music lovers, but more info will come when it’s official.

Thanks to my dear friend Johan that showed me Photoshop and made a graphical profile for me my work comes out a bit nicer, don’t ya’ll think?



Gigs in Switzerland with Caius Cat (January):

14th Jam Session, Geneva

15th Buzz Club, Lausanne

16th Diese Pub (again!), Bex

18th Cave Marignac, Geneva

Caius Cat Trio in Switzerland

So currently I’m out on a tour with Caius Cat in Switzerland, it is going to be awesome and this is our plans so far:

thurs 21: Rehearsal

fri 22: Diese Pub – Dex – 8:30 pm

sund 24: Blew Note – Lausanne – 6pm


tues 26: Jam Session – Bern

wed 27: Jam Session – Geneva

thurs 28: Chorus – Lausanne

Follow us on facebook for constant updates 🙂

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Caius Cat Trio - Lausanne
Caius Cat Trio – Lausanne



From the 21st of April 2013:

Performing a duo with dancer Melody Sheik at Upplandsmuséet, during Landstingets celebration!

Styckets namn: Follow

Musiker: Oskar Forsberg
Dansare: Melody Sheikh
Följa mig, följa dig, följa John, följa oss
Följ med,
Följ med i tid och i otid
Följ med i Nu
Följ med i Vi
Med utgångspunkt ur musiken och dansens ständiga relation till tid och rum, laborerar vi med idén om icketid.
Är tiden slut när musiken tystnar? Fortsätter dansen efter att tiden är slut?
Vi rycks med, lyssnar, leker, följer och bygger, bygger, bygger…


Photos: Anders Forsberg

Sigtuna sommarkurs!

Senaste veckan har jag varit på bröllopsgig med Marie LáLa i Dala Floda samt undervisat med Sigtuna Kulturskola på deras sommarkurs! Fantastiska elever och lärare, har varit väldigt kul och givande. Ca 120 personer allt som allt med både, blås stråk och piano.

Har gjort en hel del framträdanden på Gubbhyllan också, och hoppas på några fler innan hösten är här!

Funderar på att starta upp ett supersax gäng och vill börja spela loopsax igen!

Allt gott,


Wira Spelen

The last weeks I’ve been out on the countryside playing flute and saxophone in the beautiful outdoor theatre Wira spelen south of Norrtälje. After that I went camping with first stop Copenhagen and the Jazz festival. Lots of great music like Martin, Medeski and Wood, ‘Weather Report Remixed’ and Czech sax player Lubos Soukop!

The Stockholm musik och sommarvecka is cancelled for my part. I’ve got an other summer camp teaching saxophone however.

On monday and tuesday I’ll play with wonderful Emil Skogh and Alexander Brott again at Gubbhyllan!

And there is some gigs with Marie Lala coming up!

Right now we’re in Skåne, at a camp close to Hässleholm. What a place!